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  • Welcome!

    6th Oct 2019 by

    Seeing as this is my first blog post it is appropriate that I write about what this blog will be about and why I’ve chosen to start it. Since 2013 I have been following political commentary online that primarily focuses on men’s issues and challenges the commonly held narrative of identity politics – i.e. women,… Read more

  • Book Review: ‘The Ape That Understood the Universe: How the Mind and Culture Evolve’ by Steve Stewart-Williams (Part 1)

    6th Jun 2021 by

       Overview: A fascinating analysis of how evolution may have shaped the behaviour of humans and animals. I felt that the book was more favourable towards women though. This is one of the few ‘first-hand’ books I’ve read about evolution and evolutionary psychology. Most of my knowledge of this subject has been from ‘second-hand’ sources,… Read more

  • Mystery Man Speaks

    6th May 2021 by

    As I mentioned in my introductory blog post, I have occasionally thought about making videos relating to what I’ve written about on here but had hitherto decided against it as I believed I could express myself better in words than I would be able to through speaking or appearing on camera. After I started writing… Read more

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