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  • Welcome!

    6th Oct 2019 by

    Seeing as this is my first blog post it is appropriate that I write about what this blog will be about and why I’ve chosen to start it. Since 2013 I have been following political commentary online that primarily focuses on men’s issues and challenges the commonly held narrative of identity politics – i.e. women,… Read more

  • Against Equality

    28th Jun 2020 by

    The political obsession of modern times is that of equality – whether it is gender equality, racial equality, economic equality, LGBT equality – every equality you can imagine is the desired end goal of many politicians and activists. This is evident in the lengths organisations and political parties go to appeal to the designated victims… Read more

  • The National Religion

    30th Mar 2020 by

    I consider myself to be Agnostic (or, if you like, a fence-sitter) when it comes to things like religious belief: I don’t have a strong conviction towards any particular religion but at the same time don’t think that the world would be better off if religions no longer existed. People who believe that religion is… Read more

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