Seeing as this is my first blog post it is appropriate that I write about what this blog will be about and why I’ve chosen to start it.

Since 2013 I have been following political commentary online that primarily focuses on men’s issues and challenges the commonly held narrative of identity politics – i.e. women, gay people, black people, etc. are oppressed and straight white males are the ones who are oppressing them. Whilst issues that affect these supposedly victimised groups are given a fair hearing in society, many issues relating to men such as false rape accusations, domestic violence and family court bias are often ignored by the mainstream media and the public. This has created the illusion that men have privilege that they constantly need to check. The main purpose of this blog is to counter this idea and the whole ideology of identity politics itself.

I am fortunate that I have never suffered from the consequences of political correctness in my own life but I realised that what I was watching and listening to made sense when seeing what was happening to Western countries. I didn’t have that many strong political views before I started on this journey but after watching countless videos and reading numerous books I now have a keen interest in politics and following the ideological conflict between what could be classed as ordinary people with common sense opposing the ‘woke’ social justice warriors that populate education, politics and the media.

The metaphor of the red pill from The Matrix movies is a good description of what happened to me and many other people who were initially ‘blue-pilled’ for most of our lives and then discovered that much of what we were taught throughout our upbringing about identity politics was either inaccurate or a downright lie. My own ‘red-pilling’ came from stumbling upon the videos of YouTube channels such as ManWomanMyth and Chapin’s Inferno (both these channels, sadly, no longer exist). Another film by the Wachowski Brothers (interestingly now Sisters after both came out as transgender) that I think describes my ‘red pill moment’ is V for Vendetta. One scene in particular that stands out is when the character V places domino-sized pieces on the floor and knocks them over to create a ‘V’ image whilst the police detective character describes his revelation about everything being connected. It made me think of things I had seen and heard before I became ‘red-pilled’ and how everything seemed to come together to permanently alter my thinking.

Like everybody else, I have my own take on what I’ve seen and what I think about it and for a long time I considered starting a YouTube channel to get my thoughts across. However, I have been put off from making videos by the increasingly censorious nature of YouTube demonetising or banning content creators on their platform for going against conventional thinking. Also, I think I am better at expressing myself through writing which is why I had subsequently considered writing a book about problems affecting men. Nevertheless, I realised that it would be a waste of time to write and publish something that hardly anyone would read.

I gave up on my book idea but the desire to convey what I am thinking into words has not gone away. George Orwell understood one reason why certain people desire to express themselves through writing in his essay Why I Write many years ago: “Sheer egoism. Desire to seem clever, to be talked about, to be remembered after death…It is humbug to pretend this is not a motive, and a strong one”. This is why I eventually decided to create this blog so that I could comment on these issues and see if what I write will resonate with other people. I cannot claim that what I put on here will be as smart, interesting or have the same level of insight as George Orwell’s writing of course.

Whether people will be interested in reading what I write is something I’ll have to find out as I’m aware that I would get a bigger audience producing videos than writing blogs. I could just be writing to myself but I think doing this will help me to understand my own viewpoint better. The increasing polarisation of politics across the Western world means that there will be plenty for me to write and comment on in the coming months and years if I continue to write here so I am excited to see what directions this blog will take in the future.

All of this is just a long winded way of saying welcome to my blog.


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