Book Review: SJWs Attack by Bernard Chapin

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(5/5 stars)

I mentioned in my first blog post that one of the YouTube channels that was important for my ‘red-pilling’ was the wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary that was Chapin’s Inferno. I first encountered Bernard Chapin and his YouTube channel after watching videos by ManWomanMyth and Karen Straughan (a.k.a. GirlWritesWhat) in early 2013 and all three channels were life-changing in transforming how I saw the world and politics. Although Bernard Chapin’s channel was the last of the three that I discovered, his was the most significant in my understanding of the false narrative of identity politics and I consider him to be one of the biggest influences for my own political viewpoints. Although Bernard and I are from different countries and are of different generations – he is Generation X and I’m a Millennial – I can relate a lot to his personal views and tastes and through him I learnt many things I would otherwise be ignorant about. What made Bernard particularly appealing to me was his wide variety of interests and knowledge which meant that I learnt not just about history and politics but also poker, sports, psychology, films and music.

For over ten years, Bernard created videos usually relating to feminism, men’s rights, history or current events as well as sharing knowledge he had acquired from whatever book he was reading at the time. As well as creating content on YouTube, since the early 2000s Bernard has written articles and books about politics, men’s issues or his own personal experiences in the workplace. His most recent book SJWs Attack is a combination of those three subjects and describes how he was almost fired from his job as a school psychologist for the crime of having a YouTube channel where he expressed opinions that didn’t match the received wisdom of his co-workers. Bernard’s position was made more precarious by the fact that he was working in a predominantly female environment which led to the accusation that he ‘hates women’ due to the nature of his video content. The events of the book take place in 2014 which coincidentally is around the same time I subscribed to his channel.

The book is split into three parts: the first part gives a detailed description of how social justice warriors (SJWs) think and behave and also the origins of SJW philosophy and political correctness via the Frankfurt School.  The second part describes Bernard’s ordeal at the two schools that he worked for and his treatment by the staff after his YouTube channel was discovered. In the final part Bernard describes how he learnt that the two women who initiated the conspiracy to have him fired were narcissists and how he had caused them ‘narcissistic injury’ which led to him being put on their execution list.

I particularly enjoyed how SJWs’ toxic behaviour is described in the first part which illustrates perfectly how they think and their hypocritical natures. One of my favourite lines from this chapter is: “They are lovers of humanity but despisers of actual persons” which concisely sums up their contradictions. Another contradiction that is noted is the fact that SJWs have no ‘skin in the game’: they talk of fighting crime and poverty but typically live in safe and secure suburbs where they won’t encounter either. Bernard offers his own definition of social justice that counters the SJWs’ version: keeping what you earn and notes that SJWs generally don’t know how to respond to it. Bernard recorded an audio version of the book which I bought and I’ve listened to this chapter the most. Listening to the audio gave me more appreciation of Bernard’s writing as well.

Another favourite passage of mine is in the second chapter where Bernard attacks the way society worships women. This section would probably cause feminists (and most modern women for that matter) to have a heart attack if they read or heard it: “Women don’t want respect. They already have it. When they say respect what they really mean is veneration. They want to be deferred to by men. When a woman has a need, a man must accede.” Other great lines include: “Women wish to be queens and victims simultaneously” and “self-sacrifice is the reason why they thought men were put on this earth. What other aspirations could we have?” Bernard states that he treats women as equals which involves criticising them just like he would men but this culminated in him being branded a woman-hater by his peers.

In fact, Bernard does criticise men as well as women as he describes incidents where men or ‘white knights’ fail to support him. One man he knows in the school sides with the female staff when Bernard becomes public enemy number 1 and he describes another who only engages with women and ignores other men. Bernard states that the vast majority of men in America are “instinctive white knights” so women don’t have much to fear from Bernard or the manosphere as a whole. In the third part of the book, Bernard also recounts how he fell out with a fellow content creator on YouTube who he labels a male narcissist. Conversely, Bernard shows that he is spared from losing his job because of other women who come to his aid.

The book also serves as a repudiation of affirmative action as the antagonists that seek to destroy Bernard are often incompetent at their jobs and are a product of ‘positive discrimination’ whereas the women who assist him, whether they are black or white, are competent and got their positons on merit. The most entertaining pieces of the book are Bernard’s descriptions of the numerous ignorant and self-satisfied women he was forced to work with. I’m fortunate that even though I work with a lot of women myself I haven’t experienced any that are dysfunctional in the way Bernard describes here although they usually parrot the same SJW talking points. If I do have the misfortune of having to encounter any though I will turn to this book or Bernard’s audio for guidance!

Unfortunately, the book has not got the attention Bernard was hoping for as he did not have as many sales of the book as he was expecting. He had intended to write a sequel to this book continuing his story but has since said he is not going to because of the poor response to this one. I’m no marketing expert but it is possible that a lot of people saw the title and thought it might be like Vox Day’s books SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down which Bernard cites as influences and had a “been there, done that” attitude towards it. Maybe I’m just being a know-it-all Millennial. It’s a shame because the book is very enlightening and well written and I’m very interested to find out what happened next.

Bernard had said in the book that he had continued to post videos on YouTube to spite his tormentors but since writing it he has deleted his channel and gone into semi-retirement from content creating. However, this was for a number of other reasons such as not being able to grow his audience and subscribers not watching his videos. At the time I write this Bernard can still be heard on SoundCloud but he has had the same problem of not being able to grow his audience so will probably close that as well. I tried to watch or listen whenever he released new content but Bernard may be right in saying that people prefer style over substance. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from him though as he is a unique voice and has a lot of insight and wisdom to offer in fighting the culture war.

The book can be bought on Amazon here. I highly recommend it.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: SJWs Attack by Bernard Chapin

  1. Our journey’s appear similar. I just found this post while searching for Chapin’s channel as I haven’t watched it in a while. Looks like he’s gone dark, which is a shame.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I watched Bernard’s channel until the very end when he decided to delete it. He was getting frustrated about not being able to grow his audience and also the book did not get the response he thought it would either. I think he also sees YouTube as a younger man’s game and might have got tired of doing it after 10 years. He’s still on Twitter (for the time being at least) and we follow each other. If you Google ‘socialjustice08’ you should be able to find him.


  2. Thanks for posting this. I was looking for his channel and this is the only news I could find. Was a sub since 2007 or so of his.


    1. You’re welcome. It looks like Bernard’s deleted his Twitter profile as well which means he’s gone completely dark unfortunately. I hope he continues to create some kind of content in future though.


  3. I was a sub of his from 2008. At some point he went from making 10 minute videos to posting 2 hour postcasts. This may have been what caused his viewers to drop off.


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